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TPA Connect GmbH
(media owner and publisher)

Wiedner Gürtel 13, Tower 24, 1100 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 588 35-0
Fax: +43 1 588 35-500
Company register number: 560546h
Commercial register court: Vienna Commercial Court
UID: ATU77085627

Managing Director:
Mag. Veronika Seitweger,
Mag. (FH) Andreas Pichler
Mag. Jürgen Baumgartner

Chamber affiliation:
Member of the Professional Group Management Consultancy and Information Technology of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Purpose of the company:
Services in automatic data processing and information technology

Shareholding structure:
TPA Group Administration und Steuerberatung GmbH (100%), Shareholding ratio in the TPA Group Administration und Steuerberatung GmbH: TPA Steuerberatung GmbH (100%)

Shareholding ratio in the TPA Steuerberatung GmbH: Mag. Klaus Bauer-Mitterlehner (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Helmut Beer (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Leopold Brunner (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Iris Burgstaller (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Anja Cupal (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Karin Fuhrmann (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Thomas Haneder (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Christoph Harrer (Share: 3,571 %), Mag. Sebastian Haupt (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Gerald Kerbl (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Leopold Kühmayer (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Manfred Kunisch (Share: 3,571%), Dr. Gunther Lang (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Robert Lovrecki (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Birgit Perkounig (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Dieter Pock (Share: 3,571%), Dr. Andreas Pöll (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Roland Reisch (Share: 3,571 %), Mag. Erich Resch (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Klaus Scheder (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Karl Schwarz (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Monika Seywald (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Gottfried Sulz (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Veronika Seitweger (Share: 3,571%), Dr. Günther Stenico (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Yasmin Wagner (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Gerald Weiß (Share: 3,571%), Mag. Ingrid Winkelbauer (Share: 3,571%)

Basic direction of the periodical media work: Provision of a platform for purposes of communication as well as for the exchange of documents.

Supervisory Authority: Municipalian District Office of the X. District in Vienna

Applicable legislation and access: Gewerbeordnung (