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Your bookkeeping has never been so fast and easy.
Simply organise and manage your accounts, reports, etc. online. With your TPA Connect app, you always have everything under control and in view at the click of a button. Without a flood of emails. 24/7.

Advantages of TPA Connect Accounting

Simple. Intuitive. Secure.
This is how bookkeeping works now.

  • Upload and transfer all current accounting documents digitally.
  • Simple and quick approvals directly in the 360° Cockpit: UVA, payment transactions, dunning proposal lists and much more!
  • Up-to-date reports & evaluations: Weekly, monthly or quarterly, as desired.



Simply try out the features of the TPA Connect app and see for yourself how easy accounting works now.

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Find out how easy payroll on the next level is.
As simple and easy as online banking.

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Experience how you can handle efficient project documentation online.
Always well connected with your TPA team.

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Accounting FAQs

Simple. Intuitive. Secure.
This is how your accounting works from now on with TPA Connect.

  • Security: Protected storage of sensitive data.
  • Upload all documents for current accounting online.
  • Simple & quick approvals: UVA, payment transactions, dunning proposal lists….
  • 24/7 access to the 360° cockpit.
  • Automatic reminder of deadlines.

Whether single or double-entry bookkeeping – both are of course possible with the TPA Connect app.

The TPA Connect app is always open for you! You can upload the receipts right on the day you posted them, or you can wait until your personal advisor sends you a reminder – and then simply upload them all together into the TPA Connect App. Your personal TPA advisor will agree the periods with you individually: weekly, monthly or quarterly. Afterwards, your TPA advisor will take care of the proper processing of your documents or contact you with any queries.

If your advisor has a question about a receipt or document you have submitted, she or he will probably send you a query. Similarly, if you have a question or comment about an evaluation she or he submitted, you can send a query back to your advisor.

If you receive a query, the TPA Connect app will send you an email notification. In this you will find a link to answer the question directly. You will also see an overview of the queries sent to you directly in the cockpit of the TPA Connect app in the ‘Notifications’ section.

The queries are clearly sorted and grouped by area, period and branch. Select a query and click on “Answer”.

Of course, the TPA Connect app also works on all common smartphones. Simply open https://portal.tpa-connect.app on your mobile phone and select ‘Upload Receipts’ for the relevant period as usual. Your device will offer you the option to open the camera directly from the TPA Connect app to photograph and upload invoices.

In order to achieve a better quality and resulting better processability, we recommend not just taking a picture of the invoices, but to use a scanning app, e.g. the app “Genius Scan” from the third-party provider “The Grizzly Labs”. This app recognises the paper receipt in the photo, focuses on it and reduces irrelevant areas of the photo – such as the tabletop in the background. This saves storage space and guarantees more reliable processing.

As easy and uncomplicated as it is to upload receipts and documents in the app, you can also download all records, reports and documents from the TPA Connect app just as quickly. You could almost say: “In a snap!

With one click on the ‘Submit to TPA’ button, all documents are released directly to your TPA contact in the Connect app.

Simply upload and transfer all documents for current accounting online.

Intermediate steps are automatically saved, the activity can simply be continued later and transferred to TPA collectively at the end.

As soon as TPA has processed the documents you have submitted and your regular accounting has been completed, you will receive the results agreed with your TPA advisor grouped by period and company code clearly via the Connect App. If you wish, the Connect App will also be happy to send you an email reminder that these records are available with immediate effect.

You can view your accounting reports at any time. The visualised workflow shows you that documents are already available for the selected period.

If a document – such as the regular advance VAT return – requires your release for legal reasons, you can confirm the accuracy of the information simply by clicking on it. If you have any questions or comments beforehand, you can contact your TPA advisor using the “enquiry” function.

And app it goes!

See for yourself and discover the advantages of the TPA Connect app in the explanatory videos:


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